Looking for a perfect Crystal for protection, better health, balance, psychic development
Each of our Tumble Stone Crystals have a description to explain the crystal properties and how they can assist you. Each one will be hand picked intuitively with your energy in mind and cleansed before posting. When you receive your lovely new tumble stone simply make it at home by holding it and carrying it with you. This will assist the crystal to attune itself to your energy and start to do it's wonderful work!
Crystal Property Link Ideas...

Protection & Strength - Obsidian
Grounding & Energy - Jasper
Energy & Leadership - Tigers Eye
Heart Healing - Rose Quartz & Fluorite
Emotional Balancing - Moonstone
Physical Healing & Sleep - Amethyst
Psychic & Intuition - Labradorite
Abundance - Citrine
Angelic Connections - Angelite
Clarity & Crystal Charger - Clear Quartz

If you have any questions about crystal properties or which ones to put together for certain ailments etc please don't hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to connect a crystal to its new owner! 

How To Look After Your Tumblestone

They need some love and re-charging whenever you feel they are ready. You can do this by popping them in the sunshine or full and new moons. They can be placed on windowsill, outside or on top of a larger crystal such as clear quartz.

Amethyst and Citrine may alter in colour with sunshine and are better charged in moon light. Selenite can't get wet so this is better kept indoors but it can help charge other crystals if placed amongst them.

It is particularly useful to understand the crystal you are using to get the best out of it and know what specifics can aid with.

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