Angel Gallery & My Colour Meanings...

angel art family painting gift

                       Above: One of my very first Angel families 

Metallic acrylics on canvas create a vibrant and stunning effect!

The silver applied  last gives striking shimmer and detail.

 Archangel Seraphiel in shades of burnt oranges and golds. This is a stunning Archangel whose name means Prayer of God. He is the chief of the Seraphim Angelic Choir, those Angels closest to God. He works with them to send out the love and energy of God to those who most need it. Sold x

Above: Stunning Baby Footprints Card are Perfect for Welcoming a New Baby into the World! 

Archangel Seraphiel in Burnt Oranges and Gold.

My Colour Work With Angels

Angel Colours... I mainly work with varying shades of Pinks, Purples and Blues with the Angel in White and Silver. The reason for this is within the Spiritual colour meanings themselves:

Pink: Unconditional Love, Comfort, Commitment and Well Being

Purple/Lilacs: Strength, Divine Connection and Spiritual Balance

Blues: Inner Peace, Stability, Sensitivity and Intuition

White: High Energy Levels, Enlightenment and Purity

Silver: Links to the Spirit World and Mystical Properties

Gold: Upliftment and Wholeness Within Oneself. Gold has always signified Love from the Spirit World and surrounding yourself with Golden Energy is the way to immerse yourself in Peace and to Connect with your Divine Creator.

 Below: 'Found You' Vibrant Pink canvas with two Silver Angels...Have you found your Soulmate or Twin Flame? SOLD x

watercolour angel art painting

Here you can explore a collection of photos of my work from Canvas to Cards...I hope they give you a better understanding of my Special Angels. Please do not copy any of the images.               

i believe in angels card

 I believe in Angels... A Custom Made Angel Wings Card.

 To Request Your Very Own Angel Painting Please Click Here To Find Out More. Clairvoyant readings are also available to go with your Angel.

Prices Start From Only £7.99!

Shimmer Watercolour Angel
Watercolour angel art painting card gift

Above: A shimmering card...Golden colours signify up-liftment and wholeness within oneself.

Above: My Angel Family in Pink & Blue. A gorgeous peaceful painting depicting a beautiful Angel looking after the children of this world and the next  xxBOTH SOLD. The pale blue one has been printed onto matt card & can be found in Special Angel Cards

Below: My really Stunning Angels in pale Golds with sparkly wings...Beautiful detail as they came really close with lots of love.

Above: A selection of Mini Canvases with Easels!

Not everyone has room for big Canvases so I've created some small ones that could be placed anywhere in your home...see the Art Shop for individual meanings of the paintings!   

Below: A sample of my vibrant Angel paintings in Acrylics xx

Protection of Artist & Art Work

All Angel Wings Art Designs & Angels  Are Copyright Protected And All Work Made Will Be Initialled And Dated On The Back. Paintings will also have a Certificate of Authenticity as each one is unique.  Many of the Angels on this page are re-homed already and are now the property of an individual who wish for them to remain personal.  These images are for display on here only so please do not copy or replicate.

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