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I have taken the plunge into an Angel Wings Art YouTube Channel, under my name Jayne Tunney, and also creating a Podcast too. Join me for my musings and chats with the Angels! I hope you enjoy watching and connecting with the Archangels and also finding out how you can work with Angels too. I will keep adding them on to this page or you can Subscribe to my Channel to get automatic updates! This is my way to make the Archangels and Guardian Angels accessible, practical and closer in every day life. I walk, talk, and live with Angels every day and hope this creates a link for you too. Each video is titled Connecting with Archangel...Michael, Raphael, Gabriel etc and each one will include information about how to connect with that particular Archangel, associations of colours and crystals, and what their roles are in your life.
Below you can listen to my Angel Wings Art Podcasts that are now available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple and many more! You can subscribe to hear them live when new ones are added and if you need a little Angel pick me up. I hope to offer much insight into working the Angels and how you can deepen your connection. They are my passion and life so hope you enjoy! 
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