12 Angels of the Months

I have written below a little bit about each Angel that governs the months of the year and also a little prayer or affirmation that you can use if you wish to call in that particular Angel. At the very bottom you will also find a list of Angels that influence the days of the week and zodiac sun signs. You are not tied to these specific Angels as you can call on any one of them or even simply ask your Guardian Angel to give your message to the best team possible that can help you. Just by believing that you have a source of wisdom and light around you will create the connection you need.

The Angel of January is Gabriel.

Angel Gabriel helps us with our communication and being able to clearly voice what we need and desire. This beautiful Angel brings creative ways to get our message across if we feel we aren't being heard by loved ones or work colleagues. Gabriel is a wonderful messenger so expect heightened psychic connections, messages from the Angels and help where you least expect it! This Angel always brings a fun element with a serious undertone. So Ta Da! moments in the middle of the night or how did that happen type questions are usually Gabriel's way of giving you a nudge in the right direction.

Angel Gabriel please help me to speak my mind clearly and demonstrate my feelings.

Show me your messages of guidance so that I know what to do and when.

Thank you for supporting me on my spiritual journey to enlightenment.

The Angel of February is Barachiel

Angel Barachiel gifts us with blessings and abundance. As the chief of our Guardian Angels he assists them to care for us and guide us in our everyday life. Barachiel will bring to you good fortune and positive energy, even answering your wishes if you ask the Angels for help. Particularly around love, romance, friendships and matters of the heart. He wants you to feel that your prayers are being heard and to gift with you signs of recognition. So expect to receive words of praise, feathers, gifts of love and little signs that show the Angels are helping you right now.

Angel Barachiel please help my Guardian Angel to support me in my journey.

Show me my blessings and abundance as I feel true happiness within.

Thank you for healing my heart and filling it with your powerful love.

A Few Angel Roles...

The Angel of March is Machidiel

For the month of March we are assisted by Angel Machidiel who asks us to speak our truth and push our ambitions. He also works with the fiery side of Aries and invokes in us the rays of the sun, to light a spark within. Showing us purpose, opportunities and determination to get things done.

Machidiel brings through new life in March and you feel suddenly able to start a new project or tackle a problem you've been putting off. Call on him if you need more physical energy and courage as he will no doubt put a spark within you! Let go of any stubbornness or hesitation as March is a time of creation and honesty.

Angel Machidiel please assist me now as I continue to learn and grow on my spiritual journey. Show me the way to my hearts desire and give me the courage to change what I must.

Thank you for lighting the way forwards.

The Angel of April is Asmodel

In the month of April we have Angel Asmodel stepping forward to assist us with patience and perseverance. He reminds me of the tortoise (Asmodel) and the hare (Life), and will certainly test your resolve! Asmodel will create a sense of peace and room to breathe in the chaos. So take a step back and and see how far you've come. Create plans and write things down, in other words get organised and remain patient.

This is a month of keeping going and knowing that plans will come to fruition with regards to work and career. Just keep doing one step at a time and you'll see the rewards come steadily through.

Angel Asmodel please guide my patience as I begin to understand what I need to do.

Show me how to live peacefully and calmly surrendering to faith.

Thank you for helping me to expand my potential with grace and understanding.

Signs from Angels and Spirit...

The Angel of May is Ambriel

In May we are guided by Angel Ambriel who brings vibrant energy of creativity, communication and ideas. If you are planning a new project or new career then this is the month to feel inspired. He will guide inventions in technology, advance medical and science works, and also inspire those in creative fields. Ambriel will make us feel busy and excited! He will also bring moments of clarity like light bulbs flashing over head so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

This is a great month of action and will make us feel very energised as we look deeper into our soul purpose.

Angel Ambriel please guide and support my learning as I look towards the future.

Show me how to use your creative energy so that I gain solutions and try new things.

Thank you for recharging my energy and lifting me up.

The Angel of June is Muriel

The month of June brings Angel Muriel and lots of emotional balance and understanding. She is a gentle Angel who cares very deeply for us and our need to find inner harmony. Her aim is to help you feel good within; strong and powerful. Muriel enhances intuition this month so you really need to listen to your instincts and be aware of heightened emotions. She will help you see what you need to change or let go of in order to aid in your own emotional well being. Muriel is gifted with grace and beauty so shine bright in June and feel her loving energy look after you.

Angel Muriel please guide me to perfect harmony and balance within.

Show me love, strength and happiness in every day life.

Thank you for raising my intuition so I can make decisions from the heart. 

What the Angels help us with...

The Angel of July is Verchiel

For the month of July we have Angel Verchiel guiding and protecting us. He is the Angel of leisure and lifestyle, giving us time for relaxation and contemplation. The passionate side of this Angel comes through in his need to protect us through challenges and gifting us with enough energy to see these through. So don't give up if you are needing to put boundaries in place and to push back a little. This is your time to let your voice be heard and to lovingly tell others what you need from them. Verchiel will encourage you to find time for yourself and pursue joyful things so you can release any stresses.

Angel Verchiel please guide me to see through any challenges ahead of me.

Show me new adventures, fun and laughter as I release any worries.

Thank you for gifting me with energy and passion to be successful.

The Angel of August is Hamaliel

The month of August brings Angel Hamaliel to watch us as we move into a period of production, action and learning. This Angel governs logic and teaching so expect lessons and deeper understanding this month. Hamaliel will bring attention to detail and a need for perfection. You won't be happy with half measures so switch frustrations to action including with friends and family. Encourage each other to look deeper into situations rather than going ofF face value. Hamaliel will teach you what you need to know.

Angel Verchiel please guide my learning and that of those around me.

Show me how to logically make important decisions with clarity and confidence.

Thank you for listening to me and creating order in my life.

A Few Animal Guides Representing the Angels...

The Angel of September is Uriel

In September we have Angel Uriel assisting us to feel positive, confident and with divine order in our lives. It brings through a need to gain perspective on the bigger plans in our life and how we can create long term goals. Uriel is extremely passionate about aiming high and firing up the internal spark within us. What is you seek for your future and how can you make it happen? This Angel will guide your thinking to bigger dreams and ambitions beyond what you have perceived before. Call on Uriel if you need motivation and fear blocks removing so you can be at your highest potential.

Angel Uriel please guide my heart's desires through new opportunities.

Show me my fullest potential as I learn to expand my expectations.

Thank you for believing in me and giving me the confidence to believe in myself.

The Angel of October is Barbiel

The month of October brings in Angel Barbiel for truth, justice and pushing yourself. It may feel like you need to slow down in October as daylight draws in, we stay in doors more and there's a sense of comfort within the home. Barbiel keeps us going! He pushes and nudges to get tasks completed, wrap up loose ends and feel like we have accomplished small things. Along with a serious truthful look inside at what internal issues we need to deal with too. He won't let up until at least you start the process or you feel the responsibilities are being shared with others! 

Angel Barbiel please guide my devotion to myself and those closest to me.

Show me how to make the most of my time, opportunities and energy.

Thank you for protecting me and keeping me safe in my challenges.

A Few Angel Flowers...


The Angel of November is Adnachiel

In November we have Angel Adnachiel bringing us independence and a fierce need for freedom in our spiritual growth. He is a truth seeker so you won't put up with any half truths, unclear communication and misleading information. You will want to see everything with clarity and honesty. Adnachiel makes this is a month of seeking to know your own mind and form your own opinions. He pushes us to explore outside of the ordinary and be creative in our problem solving. Why not change things up a bit and be spontaneous? This Angel will support your need to change a routine for adventure!

Angel Adnachiel please help me find strength and courage to change my life.

Show me your knowledge and wisdom through clarity and openness.

Thank you for assisting my spiritual path and enlightening me to my truth.

The Angel of December is Haniel

The Angel helping us through December is Haniel and she is the “Joy of God” . Aptly named for this joyous time of celebrations and the magic she instils in our hearts. Haniel is a gentle Angel who brings hope, faith and reunion between loved ones. She nurtures our spirit and gently encourages us to believe in ourselves, and our faiths. Call on Haniel if you are seeking reassurance or are in need of an Angels hug. She will bring you a feeling of warmth and contentment; to know that you are doing your best. This Angel is truly beautiful and her aim is to reflect this beauty within you.

Angel Haniel please help me to feel joyous even in the moments needing strength.

Show me your beauty and grace so that I can bask in your glory.

Thank you for loving me and creating magical moments in my life. 

Angels for 

Days of the Week

Monday - Gabriel
Tuesday - Samuel
Wednesday - Raphael
Thursday - Sachiel
Friday - Ariel 
Saturday - Cassiel
Sunday - Michael

Angels of the Zodiac Signs

Angels of the Zodiac Sun Signs

Capricorn - Azrael
Aquarius - Uriel
Pisces - Sandalphon
Aries - Ariel
Taurus - Chamuel
Gemini -  Zadkiel
Cancer - Gabriel
Leo - Raziel
Virgo - Metatron
Libra - Jophiel
Scorpio - Jeremiel
Sagittarius - Raguel

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