I share with you through this site my fabulous journey alongside my Spirit Team and Angels. I hope you enjoy your visit to my website and you can see the fun, laughter and tears that have brought me here into your life.

I completed my Art A Level back in 1998  however I have always loved drawing and painting from being little! My career training took me into Rehabilitation, Counselling, Health Care and Training people with a Visual Impairment so my Arty side got left behind.

We all suffer ups and downs along the path of life and the loss of my first husband made me look within and connect more profoundly with the Spirit World. I come from a Healer and Clairvoyant family and have been developing more and more with the help of my wonderful Angels. So this became the perfect combination of my Spirituality, Art and Creativity.

Angel Wings Art truly came to life when I was asked to create an Angel painting for guidance and after asking for inspiration from my Spirit Team...the above Angel appeared! After the initial request for an Angel word spread and my calling began. Since then I have been lead by my Angels to many people, places and experiences with my Angel Art travelling across the world. 

I have promised to work for Spirit and share their world with others, so this is how my site has come about....I hope that my beautiful Angels can bring some Love and Peace to those who seek and need it....I also hope that they can allow others to open up to the special gifts Spirit can give us and support those who need some strength or a shoulder to lean on.

Allow each thought & dream to sparkle before dismissing it as you never know where it might lead xx

My Favourite Poem

The following is a poem my Great Nana told me when I was little and has stayed with me since. I hope it resonates with my work that I offer to you:

 Some Peace, Some Joy, Some Quiet Content

Some Love, Some Understanding

Some Hope, Some Kindness I can give and give without demanding

To folk around me, troubled souls, the lonely and the grieving

My heart is blessed in giving this, may theirs be in receiving.

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Little Facts About Me....

  • As a child I was a natural clairvoyant, seeing and conversing with what many people call “invisible friends”. However I wanted to be a spiritual healer before the Angels took over and diverted my path!
  • I see Spirit in my minds eye in the forms of old photos; black and white or faded. 
  • Angel colours appear to me like a gentle blanket placed around your shoulders by your Angel. This can be one colour or a mix woven together. 
  • I believe we all have a Guardian Angel and just need to connect with them so we can learn, grow and be the best we can be.
  • I have a seriously sweet tooth and love chocolate way too much! I also love a good cuppa and a chatxx

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