This is the most called upon Archangel of all time and it's no wonder why! He is The Protector of Mankind and gives us the warrior energy to get things done whilst protecting us at the same time. Michael is seen as the Leader of Angels and is mentioned throughout history and religions as the Guardian of People.

His name means 'Who is like God' and can be spelt in a variety of ways such as Mikail, Mikhail, Mikhael and Saint Michael.

~ Symbols of Archangel Michael...He is often depicted with a sword and shield, armour or banners signifying war and strength. However he can also be seen with weighing scales as his other roles are justice in this life and the next. The Angel of Death is another title Michael has, again signifying the end of one aspect of our lives and the start of another, as well as weighing our souls when we return to spirit. A way of reflecting back and seeing if we have completed our purpose or mission whilst here on earth. 

The sword and shield are used today to represent a cutting of cords or energies that no longer serve and protecting us from harm. Michael can help in healing and repairing our energies where trauma, grief, past lives or karmic debts are holding us back from our true potential in this life. He will then work with Archangel Raphael to replace the negative energy, emotions, worries, doubts, physical ailments with positive vibrations. Michael will cleanse your entire being both the physical and spiritual.

~ Roles of Archangel Michael...His roles are exceptional and the power afforded to him is immense. From leading Armies of Angels against Satan to being a Great Prince of Heaven. In many religions he is seen as standing in the middle of battle between good and evil. Today we call upon him to help us fight our inner and outer battles in everyday life. Whether this is an injustice, to protect our energies or help where inner battles need to be won.

  • Spiritual Warrior for the conflict within
  • Carrying Our Beloved to Heaven and helping in the transition between worlds
  • Guardian of Churches (Many Churches and Places of Worship where named after Michael as he protected the people, lords, ladies, knights and royalty that attended)
  • Justice and Law ensuring fairness, justice and equality and protecting those who work in this field. He is the defender of Light.
  • Protection of Mankind in our daily lives and activities, psychically, spiritually and materially.
  • Truth and Divine Light for getting everything out in the open and shining the light into all corners of our lives
  • Community Connections and Working As A Team (Including himself with other Archangels and Guardian Angels)

~ Skills of Archangel Michael...He is said to possess invulnerability, super strength, speed, telepathy and immortality. Michael is also associated with confidence, inner power, courage, leadership and determination. He is not one for giving up on anyone or anything; making a perfect leader and role model. There is nothing Michael won't get involved in as his strength knows no bounds.

Another aspect of Archangel Michael is his psychic ability and enhancing ours so that we can see the truth in people and situations. He lends us this power with our intuition so that we can get clarity and instincts.Whether you should trust someone or take a particular path...he'll aid you if you ask for his help. Giving you the confidence to make changes or speak your truth. To really discover who you are and lead others to their divine essence too.

He brings freedom from fear and worry, indecision and doubts. Michael will aid in replacing your fears with a positive mindset so that you can connect with your inner knowing and soul purpose. He will protect and guard you in your learning.

~ Colour Associated with Archangel Michael...Blue is the most commonly associated colour however sometimes white is also used to call upon Michael. This is because white has purity and clarity to clear away negative energy and emotions. It is also seen as a way to dispel or reflect the forces that work against us. His true blue is similar to Sapphire blue, such immense vibrations and strength in his colour that it can be hard to put into words.

~ Crystals Associated with Archangel Michael...Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite and Sugalite plus Clear Quartz and Obsidian. As Archangel Michael is associated with the Throat Chakra and Third Eye there is a connection to the colour of crystals and his energy too. Clear Quartz is a Master Crystal that can charge up other crystals, give clear sight and bring light into your life..sounds like Michael! Obsidian being a protective stone is also associated by its nature. It will protect your energy field and dispel negativity. Giving you grounding and your power back.

Sugalite is a crystal to generate positive emotions, release worry and bring deep emotional healing. Ranging from Blue to Purple it fits perfectly with Michaels colour and skills. If you need stop worrying and change your intent to what can go right, then this crystal will be the one for you. Lapis and Sodalite work very well with communicating fears, initiating change and speaking your truth whilst enhancing your psychic ability. Lapis Lazuli has golden flecks within it connecting with Michael's passion and fiery side to get things done. 

Use any of these crystals by holding them and saying a prayer or message to Archangel Michael will assist in your connection. Pop them in your pocket, bra, car, office desk, by the front door and wherever you feel you need Michael's help.

How To Connect With Archangel Michael & Feel His Energy...

The first things to remember are his powerful energy and status. He watches over Guardian Angels and is the Master of Christ Light, incorporating his highly evolved spiritual essence can be overwhelming. Michael means business so he must be treated with respect, honesty and understanding.

Start by really thinking about what you need assistance with. The more focused you are the more energy Michael can give you. He won't waste his time if you don't know what you desire the outcome to be and then remember that he will only work for your highest good. If you need to experience or learn from something then he won't change that course but assist you through it instead. Aligning you with your truth, your light and your purpose.

Archangel Michael is magnificent and will really change your life for the better if you trust and have faith in him.

When I am looking to protect someone or place a barrier between them and a particular situation so that they can see what they need to do, I use a Dark Blue. Whilst visualising this around them I repeat Archangel Michael's name three times and focus on the issue they need assistance with. 

If asking for Michael's help for yourself then see a blue bubble surround you, or a blue shield in front of yourself! You may even visualise carrying a sword yourself to help cut away ties that bind, release cords and give you courage. There is certainly no right or wrong way to call on Michael for help as he has no limits or time constraints. He is boundless!

Some people feel warmth when he is around or a straightening of their being bolt upright. He is putting you in soldier stance! Ready to fight and claim back your power. I feel a power surge behind me...because someone very important has stepped into the room! It's okay to not feel, see or hear anything though as long as you have faith in him to hear your message and work with you. 

I have once felt his white light of protection when assisting a lovely spirit that had not wanted to leave his beloved behind. Michael came compassionately and guided this spirit home, giving reassurance that he could return once he was reunited with loved ones in spirit. Before Michael left he swept over the house with a net made of white light to take away old emotions, negative energy and it seemed a good clear out to leave the house brighter. I have since been advised that this is a way to clear old attachments with Archangel Michael and he even suggested it for people too. So if you feel you are being held back but don't know why then imagine a brilliant white net or filter working from foot to head, removing anything that no longer serves you. Ask that Michael cleanses you and takes it away.  

It is always important to give thanks whenever you ask for help too. This is an energy exchange after all and we wouldn't expect a job done without praise and thanks. So please remember the important parts of connecting with Archangel Michael...

Be Focused, Be Ready, Be Thankful. 

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