This is the most powerful healing Archangel and his mission is to bring us healing on all levels for spiritual growth and well being whilst here on earth. He also heals the earth and works to channel messages from Mother Earth to us. I have put together some information gained from my working with Archangel Raphael through Angel Wings Art and his messages of wisdom shared to me. He is an exciting Archangel that I have worked with many times through healing therapies and in my own personal life.

His name means 'He who Heals' or 'God who Heals' and can be spelt in a variety of ways such as Raphael or Rafael, and in many old texts he was unnamed but known by the deeds done. He appears in the Book of Enoch, The Life of Adam & Eve, The Gospel of John and many more. In the Quran he is the fourth Archangel, called Israfil. In all writings he is the healer, saviour or teacher of healing.

~ Symbols of Archangel Raphael...He is often depicted with a wooden staff or caduceus. The staff is said to represent his offer of help to pilgrims and travellers on their journey through life. Alternatively he is seen with hands raised to offer healing and wings out to give us strength. Raphael is also seen in the Quran as holding a trumpet ready to sound the resurrection. I often see him with his immense energy field surrounding those needing healing with vibrant green wings!

Archangel Raphael often works with Archangel Michael to remove blocks, fears, anxieties around our well being so that Michael can then assist you in striving forward once well enough. They are seen together in religious and modern texts as a team who can co-ordinate the full picture of improving peoples lives.

~ Roles of Archangel Raphael...His roles are to bring healing to the world, people, animals and everything suffering from not being at their highest potential. 

  • Spiritual Healer to bring healing energy direct to you when called upon.
  • To work through spiritual healers, holistic practitioners, doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, social workers, counsellors, vets, anyone in fact who offers a service with the heart being well being of another.
  • To raise the vibration of Mother Earth to hep her heal and recover at times of stress.
  • To reduce and/or remove addictions, cravings, anxieties so that clear thinking and mindset can return.
  • He aids in recovery from long term illness
  • He also the protector of weddings and to ensure bliss is reached within the ceremony.
  • Raphael watches over Aquarius, Libra and Gemini zodiac signs.

~ Skills of Archangel Raphael...He is the Master Healer of illness, disease, physical ailments and with those who work in the capacity of healing. He works on all levels of well being including emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic too. Archangel Raphael will assess the best way to work through your situation and work behind the scenes to bring you the current people, places and situations to help you heal. 

He will also assist your healing journey if you work within healing services from counsellors to surgeons; veterinarians to ambulance drivers! If your soul purpose is to assist others then he will be there to help find the right training, employment and clients.Call on Archangel Raphael to assist your journey and be open to accepting your own healing too. As is often the case healers need healing too.

The main skill of Archangel Raphael is his power to make you well and channel through divine love to exactly where it is needed, when it is needed. His super powerful abilities mean that he can make over night miracles and sudden recoveries from even the most awful circumstances. 

~ Colour Associated with Archangel Raphael...Emerald Green is the most commonly associated colour however his energy does reside from pastel green up to very dark, rich greens. He sometimes brings shades of yellow, gold and white light too seen as sparkly lights and flashes. He governs the 4th Ray which is a beautiful shade of green and links to the heart chakra (pink & green). There is usually a lovely warmth that comes through with Raphael's energy too.

~ Crystals Associated with Archangel Raphael are Emerald, Malachite, Fuschite, Citrine, Aventurine and Yellow Calcite. I also like fluorite as this helps connect when requiring calm, to de-stress and have a general feeling of wellness.

Emerald is not a common stone for people to use or get hold of so Malachite is probably the most popular followed by other crystals in shades of green and yellow. Malachite is a stone of healing, abundance, manifestation and is known as the stone of transformation. Aventurine is the stone of opportunity and is linked to the heart chakra. It creates a new you and assists Raphael in working towards your highest good and wellness.

You can use any of these crystals by holding them and saying a prayer or message to Archangel Raphael to assist in your connection. Pop them in your pocket, bra, car, under the mattress or treatment bed, where you sit and wherever you feel Raphael's help is best needed.

How To Connect With Archangel Raphael & Feel His Energy...

The first things to remember are his powerful healing will be for your highest good rather than what you desire. Raphael will work firstly on the healing aspects you need rather than what you want. His energy will infuse itself into your life working on many different aspects until a desired outcome is then met. Therefore you need to be open to receiving his help in many ways.

Start by thinking about what healing you really need and what is stopping your full potential. It may seem as simple as a bad back but there will be layers to this such as how did it occur, is it something that can be resolved such as new seating or posture, or stress even, is something out of alignment in your life. Raphael will look at why it happened and the reason you have been affected. It could be you need to stop what you are doing, alter your path or unravel the pent up feelings inside. He will bring people to assist you, offer advice and guidance through intuition and opportunities, whilst also bringing actual healing energy. So you see he brings a wholehearted approach to your life and well being.

Archangel Raphael is amazing at aiding your life and well being to be the best it can be.

When I call in Raphael to bring healing to someone they often feel warmth or see in their minds eye green light and flashes around them. It is a calling sign to say he is working with you. Sometimes Archangel Raphael will leave in place Angels to work for him so that the healing continues long after he has gone. This is often the case where long term illness is present, recovery is going to take time or where end of life care is required.

Call on him by saying a simple prayer such as...Archangel Raphael, please help me to be well and fulfilling my purpose. I ask that you bring healing and love so that I can be the best that I can be. Thank you Raphael for looking after me, Amen.

It is always important to give thanks whenever you ask for help too. This is an energy exchange after all and we wouldn't expect a job done without praise and thanks. So please remember the important parts of connecting with Archangel Raphael...

Be Open, Be Willing, Be Thankful. 

If you would like an Angel Gift or an Angel Card Reading based on helping you to connect with Archangel Raphael please send me a message. I am always happy to help develop connections and journeys or find the perfect Angel Gift to help with healing where needed.

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