Our Archangel Gifts give a wonderful link to the Angelic Kingdom and infuse the energy of each particular Archangel. If you would like to learn more about them and how they work then please take a look at the All About Angels page to discover how each Archangel can help you. Call upon their individual skills and abilities to bring through the perfect guidance and gift their energy of encouragement, inspiration and faith.
A Few Archangel Strengths
Chamuel - Love, Romance, Fertility, Joy, Harmony
Michael - Protection, Courage, Confidence, Inner Power
Gabriel - Communication, Motherhood, Music, Time
Uriel - Passion, Desire, Change, Moving Forward, Self Belief
Zadkiel - Compassion, Art, Forgiveness, Clearing, Positivity
Jophiel - Illumination, Clarity, Focus, Balance, Determination
Metatron - Order, Planning, Organisation, Calm, Memory
Raphael - Healing, Peace, Ease Stresses, Spiritual Growth

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