Archangel Zadkiel Forgiveness and Mercy
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Archangel Zadkiel is the Archangel of Freedom, Benevolence and Mercy; and is the Patron Angel of all who Forgive. In the Bible and Torah, he is mentioned as the Angel of God. This is because Zadkiel appears to the prophet Abraham when he proves his faith to God by getting ready to sacrifice his own son, Isaac. Zadkiel stepped forward to stop this occurring as God would not wish for faith to be proven this way, however some believe it was Archangel Michael or even God who stopped Abraham.

In the sacred texts of Kabbalah Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Jophiel follow behind Archangel Micheal in fighting the evil forces in the spiritual world. Hence he is often seen with a dagger or blade in religious images. 

His name means 'Righteousness of God' and he is also known as 'Grace of God' under the Hebrew name Hesediel. Zadkiel can also be written as Sachiel, Zedekiel, Zadakiel, Tzadkiel, and Zedekul.

~ Symbols of Archangel Zadkiel...He is often depicted with a small dagger or weapon but is most commonly known for his connection to the Violet Flame. This is his Archeia, the Holy Amethyst, and they work together for freedom, alchemy, transmutation and to clear negative karma. Surrounded by violet and sometimes violet coloured flames, Zadkiel will clear any old karmic debts or negative energy that is holding you back from true inner freedom. Clearing fears and obstacles with the Holy Amethyst to bring you magical transformations. 

~ Roles of Archangel Zadkiel...His roles are to

  • Provides Forgiveness for the Self and Others
  • Rid us of judgemental behaviours
  • Aid memory or recollection of facts including helping students to remember what they have learnt
  • Heal painful memories and past life attachments
  • The name Sachiel associates him with helping people to earn more money and teaching them to donate to charity.
  • Zadkiel can help us find our spiritual origins and the karma attached to our past
  • With the Holy Amethyst; they will clear blockages, fears and concerns that are holding you back

~ Skills of Archangel Zadkiel...Call on Zadkiel when you are ready to let go of judgement, guilt, fear and heal through forgiveness and compassion. He heals any emotional wound! Archangel Zadkiel knows how to fix unhappy relationships by teaching you to feel mercy and compassion to each other. Enabling you to grow and understand one an others emotions and well-being.  

~ Colour Associated with Archangel Zadkiel...Shades of Purple and Violet are the most commonly associated colours. White or flame colours have also been used as a clearing method and to start the healing process.

~ Crystals Associated with Archangel Zadkiel...Amethyst! It has to be this gorgeous crystal with its mix from very pale lilac up to deep, rich purples.Amethyst is a master healer crystal known for it's peaceful qualities, calm under pressure and deep emotional healing. Alternatives are ametrine, blue lace agate, blue chalcedony and charoite.

Use any of these crystals by holding them and saying a prayer or message to Archangel Zadkiel will assist in your connection. Pop them in your pocket, bra, car, office desk, by the front door and wherever you feel you need Zadkiel's help.

How To Connect With Archangel Zadkiel & Feel His Energy...

Start by imagining his violet colour travelling through you, around you and stretching out inside your auric field. Clearing, soothing and gently recharging your energy. He works with negative thought patterns by transmuting the energy into positive vibrations. So holding an associated crystal, showering and imagining violet water, meditation or relaxing in bed as his colours float over you. All will create a connection to his divine energy of forgiveness, understanding and love for all. To call on his energy you are asking for help with the past, emotional trauma and other peoples energy that is affecting you. So energy can evoke tears, release and a feeling of weights being removed from your shoulders. Leaving you brighter and calmer.

It is always important to give thanks whenever you ask for help too. This is an energy exchange after all and we wouldn't expect a job done without praise and thanks. So please remember the important parts of connecting with Archangel Zadkiel...

Be Calm, Be Open, Be Thankful. 

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