Archangel Chamuel Prayer
Archangel Chamuel
This is the most called upon Archangel for love and relationship harmony. He is also an Angel of Peace and Divine Justice. Guarding the innocent (children) and giving strength to overcome difficult situations. Archangel Chamuel is an Angel of pure love and brings powerful spiritual illumination into your life. When you are feeling anxious, sad, lonely or heartbroken due to circumstance beyond your control, call upon this Archangel to fill your heart with love.

His name means 'He Who Seeks God' or 'One Who Seeks God'. It can also mean 'He Who Sees God' as he has omniscient vision to see and know everything between everyone. Chamuel can also be spelt as Kamael or Camiel, and sometimes gets confused with Samael when pronounced but this is a very different Angel.

Chamuel is also depicted as female and can be referred to as such depending on your feeling and connection. Archangels will fill the role we need and this Archangel can bring a motherly love, or female energy where masculinity would feel incorrect or over powering. I will write as He, however you may use whichever you prefer. His Archeia is Charity and she too is centred around love, within and outwardly.

~ Symbols of Archangel Chamuel...Often depicted with a Heart or Armour! Being a protector of justice, emotions and balance. You can visualise putting on a suit of armour when dealing with difficult situations or where you know emotions will run high. He is also seen with doves for peace and pink flowers, particularly roses, for love. Hence his connection to Valentines Day and offering a rose for romance, desire and sincerity of feelings. 

~ Roles of Archangel Chamuel...

  • Assist in bringing love into difficult situations so that peace can be attained including within relationships, family and work.
  • To help you to find inner peace and be understanding of yourself.
  • To assist in forgiveness and the release of past traumas and hurt so that they no longer affect your future path.
  • Bring love to all 33 dimensions of the universe as a servant of God. It is believed he is directed and governed by a higher being to push spiritual love through all dimensions, light waves and energies. Charging everything with a positive energy to remove the negative.
  • Assist you to manifest the flow of abundance, success and all kind of positivity in your life. Including discovering your soul mate and twin flame. He will bring forward your 'true' love and spiritual partner. Also bringing in new friendships and career opportunities. Letting your heart soar! 
  • Chamuel represents the quality called "Geburah" (strength) on Kabbalah's Tree of Life. That quality involves expressing tough love in relationships based on the wisdom and confidence that comes from God.
  • Some Christians consider him to be one of seven Archangels who have the honour of living in God’s direct presence.
  • He is a watcher and patron of those on peacekeeping missions, animal conservationists and anyone who work to save lives.

~ Skills of Archangel Chamuel...He is the Angelic Master of the most beautiful, peaceful and loving relationships between people. He helps to resolve conflicts between nations, neighbours, families and couples. He commands a Holy army of Angels to release a wonderful rose fragrance of love from the Angelic rose garden that surrounds the beautiful Temple of the Crystal Pink Flame.

Archangel Chamuel is also on a special divine assignment to reunite soul mates and twin flames. He guides people to have the most beautiful relationships at all times. Chamuel will bring strength and empowerment where equality and balance is missing within a relationship. Giving confidence and courage to leave, change or create a new space for your own love where a relationship becomes unhealthy. 

Often inner blocks can cause tension, distrust, frustration and other kinds of problems within close relationships. These blocks are usually due to trauma from the past for example grief, divorce, separation and abuse. It can then make it difficult or impossible even to fully experience divine love. With Chamuel's help these blocks can be transmuted and transformed with his healing power of infinite love. Allow the emotional wounds of your soul to be healed with this Archangels wonderful energy.

Another skill of Chamuel is to bring inner self love where you are seeking the source, God, divinity or higher spiritual power. He assists you to see inside yourself, your souls purpose and reignite your passions for life. Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity are the Masters of the Third Ray - Pink Flame that resonates with compassion, adoration, love and creativity. Giving these skills to you; firstly for yourself and then secondly for your connection to others.

~ Colour Associated with Archangel Chamuel...Pink is often associated because of it's love connotation however he is also seen with Ruby Red and Pale Green. This is because the Ruby Red reflects his Fire Element and ruling over Mars. Whereas the Pale Green connects with the Heart Chakra. Chamuel can in fact be associated with every variant of pink from pale roses to vibrant magenta. Bringing everything from comfort to romance, innocence to passion. 

~ Crystals Associated with Archangel Chamuel...FluoriteRed Jasper, Carnelian and Rose Quartz

Green Fluorite is a heart healing stone for being peace in grief, distress or worry. It works to take away anything that is not helping you and replace those energies with calm and loving feelings. 

Red Jasper is the stone of Mars which he rules and is often called the Warrior's Stone...bringing courage and strength to those who use it. It can also return any negative energy back to the sender, protecting you from harm be it physical, mental or spiritual. 

Carnelian gives you the courage and confidence to be yourself rather than living by someone else's expectations. It frees your heart to be the real you. 

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love. It helps you feel a strong sense of self worth, inner peace and helps in all matters pertaining to love in all it’s forms. If you are seeking a partner or to strengthen bonds with a partner then this is the stone for you.

Use any of these crystals by holding them and saying a prayer to Archangel Chamuel to assist in your heart healing or manifesting. Pop them in your pocket, bra, home, share with a loved one or treatment room. These crystals will all aid in relaxation, allowing love to flow, seeking inner peace and creating the relationships you desire.

How To Connect With Archangel Chamuel & Feel His Energy...

If asking for Chamuel's help for yourself then try seeing a pink bubble surround you; alternatively place pink (or silver) armour on yourself! You may even visualise a pink and gold thread go from your heart to his. Allowing divine unconditional love to flow to you. Meditate with this feeling of pure divine energy flowing to you and also to those who need assistance with balance, forgiveness, peace or comfort.

Some people feel a warm band around their chest when he is around, a slight dizziness when downloading love to the physical body or butterflies in your tummy. You may also smell roses or visualise them when meditating or dreaming. It's okay to not feel, see or hear anything though as long as you have faith in him to hear your message and work with you. 

It is always important to give thanks whenever you ask for help too. This is an energy exchange after all and we wouldn't expect a job done without praise and thanks. So please remember the important parts of connecting with Archangel Chamuel...

Be Love, Be Accepting, Be Thankful. 

I AM one with the great flame of Love that is in the heart of all.

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