We love a variety of incense at home and whilst we work at Angel Wings Art...you will always be greeted by beautiful fragrances at the door. We therefore offer you a range of scents from healing to dreaming, to uplifting and relaxing by Nag Champa and Stamford. Incense creates a great atmosphere in the home and each stick fragrance lasts quite a long time even after it has burnt out. We also offer Sage and Palo Santo as loose, individual sticks, incense and smudge sticks. Alongside this we have Angel Candles, Angel Wing Tealight Holders and everything you need to create a special Angel Gift.
Reasons To Burn Incense & Sage...
Many people use incense to relax, unwind, reduce stress, create focus and for spiritual practices such as meditation and in well being settings.

Sage is more often used to clear negative energy, protect the home or auric fields and to create a fresh, new vibration. By passing sage through your own energy field or home you can clear away any negativity or energy that isn't serving your highest good.

For incense firstly light a single stick then blow it out gently, leaving the smoke to bring you beautiful fragrances. Place in an ash catcher, then relax and enjoy!

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So I’ve had the amazing pleasure of this beautiful lady in heartfelt angel readings, guardian angel mini portraits and purchased a beautiful angel painting. Service, delivery, contact is second to none, aftercare priceless!! Everyone I’ve recommended has equally loved her. If your after compassion, understanding and an abundance of love, you haven’t found Jayne by mistake ❤️ A. Hagen Read More Reviews
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We want to give you great customer service with a friendly, personal touch where you can find all your Angel needs! Our passion is the Angelic Realm and all the wondrous things that the Angels can help us with. We hope our one stop shop will give you a fantastic shopping experience and you can discover all you need to at the same time about Archangels, Connecting to Angels and Working with Your Guardian Angel. If we can help in any way please do get in touch as we are happy to create bespoke Angel Gifts for loved ones, special occasions or to help your personal connection.

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