When only a Guardian Angel Gift will do...these wonderful Angel gifts bring your Guardian a little closer and remind you that you are watched, loved and protected always. We all have a Guardian Angel and sometimes a little token gift can bring so much comfort and joy to the recipient. A simple reminder of the love shared between you and the Angelic World too. 
At Angel Wings Art we can make up personal gift sets if you have a special occassion or sentiment by dropping us an email to discuss your particular requests. We love to find perfect gift solutions that combine Angel Gifts with heart felt messages of love and care.
Have you seen your Guardian Angel? I often get asked this question and my answer is yes, quickly followed by "have you"? More often than not the answer is no but I would love to. Well I can almost guarantee that at some point in your life you will have seen your Guardian Angel but not recognised them as such. They are quite secretive beings in a way as they believe that we should be following in faith and trust in the divine just like they do. Yet as humans we are naturally inquisitive and often prefer to see with our eyes then believe in something out there! However your Guardian Angel's role is to guide and guard you and at one time in your life you will have needed their help very quickly or in a crisis. But because you were so consumed with the event, circumstance or emotion you may have missed the true chance of seeing them. It may be they presented as a chill, a flash of light or an actual visualisation if you are truly lucky. I do believe that you can converse with your Guardian Angel through mindfulness and meditation and that you can see them through developing a strong relationship. So persevere and practice connecting as you may be able to turn your No into a Yes! If you'd like to know more about your Angel or create a link through me then take a look at my Angel Art page. It explains what I do and how it can help you to connect with your Guardian Angel.
A Guardian Angel Gift is perfect for anyone who believes in Angels or needs a little guidance in a way only Angels can do!

Purchasing the perfect Angel is a must and we do hope that you find it here at Angel Wings Art. If you require additional assistance, images or advice please do not hesitate to get in touch. 
"Extremely helpful & professional service at a difficult time for us. We needed an Angel for our Mum & we found the perfect one, thank you" Mrs Johnson , York
Angel Card Readings make a wonderful personal Angel Gift as I show how the Angels and Archangels are helping through guidance in your life.

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We want to give you great customer service with a friendly, personal touch where you can find all your Angel needs! Our passion is the Angelic Realm and all the wondrous things that the Angels can help us with. We hope our one stop shop will give you a fantastic shopping experience and you can discover all you need to at the same time about Archangels, Connecting to Angels and Working with Your Guardian Angel. If we can help in any way please do get in touch as we are happy to create bespoke Angel Gifts for loved ones, special occasions or to help your personal connection.

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