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Festive musings with the Angels...
Christmas is my favourite time of the year albeit crazy busy and stressful! But the joy in my children and the cosy fire, mixed with homemade mince pies and a baileys make every moment worth it.

I always find it a balance however and I know many who too have to walk the mindset of missing those who can't be there to share in the magic. Whilst also creating a day with family, friends or partners to share gifts, homes and a Christmas dinner! 

Please know that our Angels are busy too creating connections and helping us to fit everything in. Giving us space to cope, yet pushing us to find the things we are asking for. Their work is never done and Christmas has so many elements for them to work hard at.

The message here is to do your best and ask for help when you need it (even if it's because you can't find the end of the Sellotape again!). And if all else fails eat yet more mince pies!
Blessings as always, Jayne xx

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Let us know if we can help you make that perfect gift xx
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